• How to make a simple calla lilly
How to make a Simple Calla Lily

When I started learning about cake décor, I wasn’t too sure if I’d ever be able to pull off all those realistic looking flowers I saw on cakes in cake magazines. I must admit that my 1st ever sugar flowers were very realistic and delicate thanks to my teacher at the local community college. Fast forward time and there I was getting requests for all sorts, some of the flowers I’d never heard of before. I offered silk flowers as an alternative but to be honest, many a customers are too informed to settle for these. This could only mean one thing; I either turned them down or got on with it. Obviously the latter made more sense, after all why would I be offering a service if I cannot deliver? Thank God for the World Wide Web, most of my questions are usually answered by good old uncle Google. This was the very place I got ideas for the humble calla lily. The below pictorial has inspired by other artists and then tweaked to make my life easier; bearing in mind I’m a one man party. Hope you’ll find it useful too!

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